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Jingluntang Foundation Travel Grant Application for 4th IASSRT symposium, Kislovodsk, Russia

The 4th Symposium of IASSRT will take place from 21st September to 1st October 2019 in Russia, while mainly in Kislovodsk. The theme of the symposium will be "Textiles as a historical source". The chief focus of the discussion will be the consilience in approach to understanding textiles in the historical context covering topics such as economic and technological development, trade links, diplomatic and political relations, social structure, textiles production and manufacturing, mythology, cosmology and decorative arts, etc. on the territories of the Silk Road (including Oasis and Desert Silk Road, Steppe Silk Road, and Maritime Silk Road).

The Jingluntang Foundation Travel Grant aims to provide financial assistance in international travel costs for specially invited keynote representatives, retired or independent, young scholars and students to participate in 4th IASSRT Symposium “Textiles as a historical source” to be held from 21st September to 1st October 2019 in Russia.
Guidelines to applicants:
1. Successful applicants have to attend the technical sessions of the symposium, making a 15-minute illustrated presentation in the symposium, and be volunteers during the symposium, helping other participants to handle issues in necessary.
2. Successful applicants will get support on the cost of the international roundtrip airfare, i.e. from the nearby international airport of your own country to Kislovodsk. They are required to submit the information about their flights and airfare to the host no later than June 30, 2019, and all the flight tickets MUST BE purchased by the host.
3. It is NOT expected that these grants will cover all costs of attending the symposium. Applicants should obtain additional funding from elsewhere, if necessary. They are required to make travel insurance arrangements before leaving for Russia. 
4. Grant recipients are expected to participate and a post-conference report from each recipient is required as a condition of receiving grant.
5. Your application must reach the host by email, post or fax by the closing date of March 1, 2019.

6. Contacts:
 Igor Voronin: iassrtsymposium@gmail.com (Russia)
 Irene Lu: irenelu_hz@163.com ; 570096639@qq.com (China)

J-Travel Grant Application Form

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I.           Personal Particulars



Mr.  Mrs.  Ms.  Dr.

Name as printed on passport

Name in English


 (given name)

Date of Birth



(+Area code)







II.          Professional Affiliations










Your current responsibilities and professional activities








III.      Academic Background and Achievements

Significant publications and/or research projects (list no more than 5 examples)






IV.        Language Proficiency

First Language: ______ ________________

Please rate your language proficiency from “Fair”, “Good” to “Excellent”.











V.          Personal Statement

Please describe in no more than 250 words your objectives in attending the symposium, the relevance of the event theme to your work, the topic and abstract of your keynote speech/poster.

















VI.      Other Information

Are you a member of IASSRT?

 Yes     No

Category of your membership, if applicable:

   Individual member

   Institutional member


Please provide an indication of the estimated costs of the roundtrip airfare, from the nearby international airport to Kislovodsk.

Departure City


Estimates ($)


VII.     Declaration

I declare that all the information given in this application is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the information provided in this application to be reproduced and distributed to the host, and in the event I get selected for the Grant, that such information will continue to be used for the purposes related to the Grant.

Applicant’s Signature








Institution Members

Individual Member