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Zvezdana Dode


Senior researcher Southern Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (SSC RAS); scientific consultant LLC “Nasledie”, Institute of Ancient History and Archaeology of the Northern Caucasus (Stavropol, Russia).

As professor of Archaeology and Art History, Stavropol State University, and researcher of Institute of social, economic and cultural study of Southern scientific center of Russian Academy of science, Dr Zvezdana is working with archaeological complexes, excavated during different period of the past and beginind of the present centuries on the territory of the Golden Horde – in archaeological sites in the North Caucasus and Volga Riva area.

She also studies textiles as historical source requires a multifaceted approach involving analysis of economic development, trade links, diplomatic relations, social structure etc. In paper textile discus as art-historical source for ornamental patterns of other kind decorative arts and as reflected historical context.


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