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Rong Xinjiang
Rong is Professor at the Department of History of Peking University, Distinguished Professor under the Yangtze River Scholars Programme of the Ministry of Education, and director of the Centre for Research of Ancient Chinese History of Peking University. His research fields include the history of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the history of Sino-foreign relations, the history of Central Asia in the Western Regions, and Dunhuang and Turpan studies. His writings, among others, include A Study of the History of Khotan (coauthored), A Study of the History of the Guiyi Army, Dunhuang and Turpan Documents in Overseas Collections, Medieval China and Foreign Civilisations, Ten Studies on the History of Medieval China, Chang’an in the Sui and Tang Dynasties: Gender, Memory and Others, Distinguishing: a Collection of Studies on Dunhuang, Academic Training and Norms: an Introduction to Studies in Ancient Chinese History, Ethnic Groups in Dunhuang and Exchanges between the East and West, Eighteen Lectures on Dunhuang, Khotan and Dunhuang (coauthored), Medieval China and the Sogdian Civilisation, and The Silk Road and Cultural Exchanges between the East and West. Under his general editorship were published Tang Studies (volumes 1-20), A History of Sino-Foreign Relations: New Historical Materials and New Issues, Sogdians in China: New Historical, Archaeological and Linguistic Explorations, Newly Unearthed Turpan Documents and others.


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