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(2018)Tapestries Brought to Japan through the Maritime Silk Road and Their Influence

Masako Yoshida, Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts

(2018)Transported from China or Transformed in Japan?

13th and 14th Century Three-end Gauze Weave Fabrics Preserved in Japan Monica Bethe, Director, Medieval Japanese Studies Institute

(2018)A Comparative Study of Patchworks along the Silk Road

Mao Huiwei, Lecturer, Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology

(2018)The ‘Istituto Bacologico’ of Padua : History and Perspectives

David Celetti, Research Professor, Padova University

(2018)Mongol Robe : Restoration Experience

Alina Kazmina, Textile Restorer, Nasledie (Stavropol) Ltd.

(2018)Comparison of Women's Costumes between China and Korea in the 16th century :

: Based on the Conservation Project of Textiles Excavated from Wangdian in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Wang Shujuan, Conservator & Researcher, China National Silk Museum

(2018)Robes and Textiles from Ming Court to Joseon in Late Ming Dynasty -Focusing On Yingjie dujian yingbanse yigui

Xu Wenyue, Independent Researcher, Beijing Bocheng Cultural Heritage Protection Center

(2018)Seventh to the Tenth Century Kasaya Transmitted

Aki Yamakawa, Senior Curator, Kyoto National Museum

(2018)Bast Fiber (Asa) Items in the Shōsōin

Tanaka Yoko, Section Director of Preservation, Science, Preservation Department The Office of the Shoso-in Treasure, House-The Imperial Household Agency

(2018)The Reflection of Religion and Faith : the Textile Found in Korean Buddhist Statue

Lee Seonyong, Lecturer, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage

(2018)Preservation and Research of Ancient Textiles from Baekje Cultural Areas

Park Seungwon, Textile Conservator, Daegu National Museum

(2018)The Lost Silks of Buddhist Practice

Susan Whitfield, Writer, Researcher, Lecturer, University College London

(2018)The Beautiful Story of Celadon Green

Dominique Marie Cardon, Emerita Director of Research, Centre National de la Recherche, Scientifique

(2018)The Migration of Chinese White Mulberry to Europe

Claudio Zanier, Professor, Padova University

(2015)Unearthed early silks from the Silk Road in Russia

Svetlana Pankova(State Hermitage Museum, Russia)

(2015)The textile collecton of MIA

Tatiana Zhdanova(Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar)

(2015)The Silk Road is a Road of “Silk”

Rong Xinjiang (Peking University)

The Silk Road and Silk on the Silk Road

Susan Whitfield(IDP, UK)

(2015)The Significance of Chinese Pattern Loom in History

CHEN Wei, ZHANG Baichun(Institute for History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)

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