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(2015)Unearthed early silks from the Silk Road in Russia

Svetlana Pankova(State Hermitage Museum, Russia)

(2015)The textile collecton of MIA

Tatiana Zhdanova(Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar)

(2015)The Silk Road is a Road of “Silk”

Rong Xinjiang (Peking University)

The Silk Road and Silk on the Silk Road

Susan Whitfield(IDP, UK)

(2015)The Significance of Chinese Pattern Loom in History

CHEN Wei, ZHANG Baichun(Institute for History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)

(2015)The Biwa Bag of the Repository

Yoko Tanaka(Shoso-in, Japan)

(2015)Silk Textiles and the History of Silk in Indonesia

Dr. Mariah Waworuntu(ASEAN Traditional Textile Art Community)

(2015)Silk production and its history in Thailand

Suttirat Kaewaporn and Sarttarat Muddin(Queen Silikit Textile Museum, Thailand)

(2015)Silk in Greek and Roman literature

Marie-Louise Bech Nosch(CTR, Denmark)


Ming Wilson(Victoria and Albert Museum)

(2015)Research of the Caucasian segment of the Silk Road in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Dr. Zvezdana Dode, Southern Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (SSC RAS), Russia

(2015)Panjakent and the great Silk Road

Qurbonov Sharof(Panjakent Pedagogical University)

(2015)Medieval Silk Textiles in the Land of Israel

Dr. Shamir OritA, Baginski AlisaB(A Curator of Organic Materials, Israel Antiquities Authority B Retired senior lecturer of textile history and retired curator of the textile study collection, Shenkar College of Textile Technology and Fashion, Israel )

(2015)Mapping Silk Road with Silks

Zhao Feng(National Silk Museum, China)

(2015)History of weaving in northeast areas of the Central Asia(Antiquity and middle ages)

Matbabayev Bakijon and Hoshimov Hikmatulla(Institute of Archeology Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan)

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