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(2018)Two projects : World Map of Silk and Global History of Silk

Zhao Feng, Derector, China National Silk Museum

(2018)How Important Is the Silk in Silk Road Exhibitions?

Helen Wang, Curator of East Asian Money, British Museum

(2018)Silk as Tangible and Intangible Heritage across Cultures of the Silk Road (4-15 centuries)

Anna Maria Muthesius, Professor, McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge

(2018)Pedagogical Challenges of Silk Road Textiles

: 20 Years after When Silk Was Gold : Central Asian and Chinese Textiles Kyunghee Pyun, Assistant Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York

(2018)East Asian influence on Swedish fashion

Helen Persson, Head of Department Curatorial and Research Library, Nordic Museum

(2018)Traditional Textile Craft – an Intangible Cultural Heritage?

Susanne Lervad, Terminologist, The Center for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen

(2018)Ikat Fabrics of Uzbekistan

Mallakhanov Sayidafzal, Senior Expert / Head of Culture Department, National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO

(2018)Ajrakh Block Printing in India

An Weizhu, Ph.D. Candidate, Donghua University

(2018)Art of Counting Threads among Miao Weaving and Embroidery in Guizhou Province

Ho Zhaohua, Professor, Chair of Textiles & Clothing Department, Fashion and Textiles College, Fu Jen Catholic University

(2018)The Knowledge Management in the Weaving Institutes of Late Chinese Empire

Chen Wei, Researcher, Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

(2018)Early Sample of Silk in Central Asia

Hikmatillo Hoshimov, Researcher, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences Institute for Archeological Research

(2018)Silk Samit Textiles in the Burials of Nomads : the Problem of Dating archaeological Complexes

Zvezdana Dode, Senior Researcher, Nasledie (Stavropol) Ltd., Southern Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences

(2018)Braided fabrics in double structure on the Silk Road

——The case of the braided ribbon with checked and animal pattern unearthed from Yingpan, Xinjiang Liu Hui, Associate Professor, Institute for the History of Natural, Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

(2018)Some Textiles of the 12-14th Centuries Excavatedat Khara-Khoto by P.K. Kozlov

at the Beginning of the 20th Century Maria Menshikova, Curator of Chinese Decorative Arts, State Hermitage Museum

(2018)Textile Treasures from the Han Dynasties Textiles

from ‘Age of the Empires : Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 B.C.-A.D.220)’ Minsun Hwang, Textile Conservator, Metropolitan Museum of Art

(2018)The Humble Palekat Sarong on the Maritime Silk Road : the Case of Indonesia

Siti Mariah Waworuntu, Secretary General TTASSEA, Traditional Textile Arts Society of South East Asia

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