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Dominique Cardon: The Dyer's Handbook: Memoirs of an 18th Century Master Colourist (Ancient Textiles Series)

To the English translation of the text, together with facsimile pages reproduced in colour from the original manuscript, are added essays meant to situate it in its historical, economic and technological contexts.

Dominique Cardon: Natural Dyes

The aim of this book is to provide a scientific background for an important debate

Claudio Zanier: Where The Roads Met: East And West In The Silk Production Processes- 17th To 19th Centuries

This book explores the role of exchanges between Europe and China in the development of pre-modern silk technology, particularly focusing on silk production in the Italian kingdom of Piedmont.

Susan Whitfield: Cave Temples of Mogao: Art and History on the Silk Road (Conservation and Cultural Heritage Series)

Co-authored with Roderick Whitfield (Author), Susan Whitfield (Author), Neville Agnew (Author), Lois Conner(Photographer), Wu Jian (Photographer)

Susan Whitfield: Aurel Stein On The Silk Road

AUREL STEIN ON THE SILK ROAD Hie Silk Road was an extensive network of mutes Unking the great cities of Eurasia, stretching from the shores or the Mediterranean to the Chinese capital, Chang'an. For over thousand years, it was not merely a trade route hui a conduit ...

Susan Whitfield: Life Along the Silk Road

In the first 1,000 years after Christ, merchants, missionaries, monks, mendicants, and military men traveled on the vast network of Central Asian tracks that became known as the Silk Road. Linking Europe, India, and the Far East, the route passed through many countries and many settlements, from the splendid city of Samarkand to tiny desert hamlets. Susan Whitfield creates a rich and varied portrait of life along the greatest trade route in history in a vivid, lively, and learned account that spans the eighth through the tenth centuries. Recounting the lives of ten individuals who lived at different times during this period, Whitfield draws on contemporary sources and uses firsthand accounts whenever possible to reconstruct the history of the route through the personal experiences of these characters.

Susan Whitfield: Silk, Slaves, and Stupas Material Culture of the Silk Road

Exploring the labor, tools, materials, and rituals behind these various objects, Whitfield infuses her narrative with delightful details as the objects journey through time, space, and meaning. Silk, Slaves, and Stupas is a lively and unique approach to understanding the Silk Road and the cultural, economic, and technical changes of the late antiquity and medieval periods.

Dagmar Schäfer: Weaving an Economic Pattern in Ming Times (1368–1644)

In this study we shall try to open up new ground in textile history by explaining the organisation of the official or state-operated silk weaving (guanying zhizao 官营织造) in various types of silk workshops3 and their production of silk fabrics on the basis of the historical Chinese textual sources.

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